Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Photos

This is a cicada killer wasp. Jesse and I saw one last week fall from the tree in the front yard a few feet from us. It was holding its paralyzed cicada victim. We watched it carry the cicada back to the tree and up about 6 feet. We lost track of it then but apparently they glide off to their burrow in the ground to feed their babies (the cicada is too heavy for them to fly from the ground with). I saw this one on the tree yesterday and got a picture.

This little critter I found in the dining room devouring a juicy apple. He likes to rub apple juice in his hair to make it sweet and crunchy. I think he just likes to make himself sweeter so I will gobble him up even more often.

I think Jesse was turning into a robot, I'm not sure.

I can't believe I got this picture of Leo sleeping in his crib. So peaceful. Doesn't he look delicious?

This little doll was made for a sweet girl's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. Jesse told me that he does not want any dolls and he was extra happy to give this one as a gift so it would not stay around our house.


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Francie said...

Hey! I just posted at Mimi n Moe's Mom's blog and then followed links to your blog to read your parenting advice for fussy toddlers... and you posted a photo of the bug I had written about in response to M-n-M's Mom's bumblebee photos. Okay, so where did you get the name "cicada killer wasp"? B/c Mr. Elbert told me they are "hornets." I saw them doing the same thing -- dragging the cicadas down to the ground!!!

Thanks for posting. Haven't seen you in a while & look fwd to seeing you & your sweet boys when our paths next cross!!!