Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crochet projects

Here's some stuff I've been making lately. I really enjoy crocheting! The large ripple blanket is for me :) It has been put on hold for quite awhile and I need to get back to it. The little yellow dishcloths were fun because it was a new pattern for me. I found them here.

This is going to be a dish towel. I bought a couple things of sock yarn, but I can't find a pattern for crochet socks that appeals to me. Socks are too complicated! I think I could do one custom without a pattern, but I would never be able to do a matching pair :)

The main thing I'm having trouble with is that all my things curl. It seems to happen mainly when I do single crochets. Is this normal? What can I do? One tip I came across recommended using a larger hook for the foundation chain so I will try that next time. I'd love some advice!

Here are my two sweet little boys. Jesse wakes up in the middle of the night every night ready to start his day. We got tired of trying to get him back to bed so when he comes into our room and asks us if he can go into the living room we say sure (I think it's cute that he always asks permission). He started his morning at 4:30 or earlier today. I'm not sure exactly when. He wakes me up at least once nearly every night, sometimes he crawls in bed with us and sometimes, rarely, he goes back to bed. Occasionally he will fall asleep in the living room. His bedtime is 8:00 and he doesn't take any naps, I don't understand why he doesn't sleep longer at night. This morning while the rest of his family was sleeping he got out some construction paper and his scissors and had some craft time. He never gets into any trouble during his unsupervised playtime thankfully!

Leo has hit the terrible twos. Lots and lots of tantrums where he throws himself to the floor crying. But in between the fits he is always happy happy :) He only gets upset if he is not allowed to do something that he wants to do. Silly kids!!

Also I wanted to say to any family who might happen to read my blog, you all are welcome to leave me comments on here too! ;)

Take care!


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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

you can "block" it..I know lots of people do that...i think it is a bit easier to do in the warmer weather...i am sure there are good instructions out there...it is the same for knitting...the first row or chain is an issue though...using a bigger needle will help...

it all looks beautiful!