Monday, May 11, 2009

I love being a mutter!

Yesterday I had a very nice peaceful Mother's Day.  We ended up just spending the day around the house taking it easy.  Jesse wished me a "Happy Mutter's Day!" and Leo snuggled and climbed on me.  And then Jacob emailed me this card that he made.  I love it!  (Jesse is really into 'rolly polly bugs' right now.)  

Another silly thing.  Yesterday Jesse was in the bathroom and fell against the bathtub.  He was fine but crying so hard I wasn't sure.  Jacob and I rushed in and tried to calm him and make sure he was not injured.  While standing there crying he started eyeing an empty water bottle on the back of the toilet and grabs it and put it up to his eye.  He was trying to catch his tears.  I didn't want him to poke his eye out so I offered to take it and catch a tear off of his cheek for him.  He was so delighted when I showed him his tear he forgot all about crying.  So then of course he was trying to cry to fill the bottle.  

I love my boys!


sara said...

ahhh, they are so sweet! i'm glad you had a great mutters day!


Melissa and McKenna said...

Kenna loves you guys!!! We want to play again!!! Kenna won't even touch a bug, maybe Jesse can teach her not to be scared. She had so much fun the other day:) Your boys are so precious:) Look at your schedule and lets plan a day:)