Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sewing Fluff

I made this diaper for Leo over the weekend.  I think he really likes it!  Okay, the truth is I don't think he really cares one bit what's on his bottom.  However I still cant get over how adorable he is in his fluffy diapers!  

For my first three diapering years cloth never appealed to me.  It seemed like way too much work and very yucky too!  After some sudden urge to learn more and way too much time researching online, I finally realized how wrong I was.  I really didn't like the trash bags full of diapers we were putting in the landfill.  So now I get sad when I don't get the diapers washed in time and I have to put a disposable on him, it's just not as fun.  Our stash includes 6 Bumgenius, 2 Softbums with 6 liners (this can be 6 diapers if the outer shell stays clean, but usually is only 2 diapers)  and now his brand new mommy made diaper.  I have 2 more in the works.  they are pocket diapers very like the BumGenius and I am using the Softbum liners for the inserts.  This is the softest diaper we have!

Well maybe he would look just as cute in anything I put on him!



sara said...

wow! great job maggie! i still have some dipes to give you that didn't work out for us. i'm proud of you for doing the cloth!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

how's jacob's eye? ;)

i am amazed at how quickly you pick up things. it's like you skip the whole newbie phase...which i stay in for a loooong time. how did the quilt turn out? take some pics!!
btw, the gourd rocks!

Maggie said...

Jacob survived his daily mauling :)
I just skip from project to project, mainly to avoid finishing whatever needs to be done. I am a big time procrastinator! The quilt has not progressed at all since my last post... It will eventually, just no telling when. Tonight I will finally get back to my drawing of Jesse which I could have completed in a few days. Instead I randomly decided I needed to learn to crochet and make a diaper ;)