Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Jesse's 4th birthday is on Wednesday! We had a fun family celebration on Saturday. In the morning I fixed the boys pancakes with syrup (which they've both had many times) and they both got a little red break out on their cheeks?! Leo gets little rashes from many things that I haven't identified yet, but Jesse never does. They didn't seem bothered, so on to opening presents!

Jesse loves Geotrax!

My friend Veronica made this awesome cake and the little sidekick cake from the extras!
It was as delicious as it was cool!!

Jesse said he doesn't like wishes so he got straight to blowing out the candles.

I think he was just very eager to "clean" off the cars so he could play with them.

Jesse enjoyed the cake and ice cream, but he is fairly neat and reserved. You know, as far as kids and cake go. :)
Leo, on the other hand, never hesitates to dig in!

I know what this little cutie wants for his birthday next month!


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